Friday 30 January 2009

{Vintage Friday}: Juicy goes vintage!

not completely of course, don't worry ladies, the track suits are still there!
but I do love these vintage inspired dresses in their new collection, how cute is that strawberry print dress? I so want one!

Happy weekend everyone! It's going to be a cold one here (coldest in 13 years or something like that), so I'll be wrapped up in warm blankets (yes, plural!) and drinking hot chocolate... yum

(images from Juicy Couture & Bloomingdale's)

Thursday 29 January 2009

{I Heart}: silver hearts

When it comes to jewellery, I have two contrasting loves, big fabulous colourful statement jewellery and simple silver necklaces, like a classic silver heart pendant, with it being quite close to Valentine's day, I'm finding myself draw to these simple yet so beautiful jewellery on Etsy:

top row: I&F Designs bottom left: lindesigns bottom right: phoebe's treasure

and while talking about siver hearts, how can I not mention the classic Tiffany hearts:

{all pendants from Tiffany & Co}

I have always loved the Return to Tiffany heart tag but when my boyfriend rang me from the airport last summer asking if I wanted anything from Tiffany's as our 2nd anniversary gift, I suppose I got greedy and though with all the VAT saved, maybe I should ask for the more expensive heart lock?

Don't get me wrong, I love this pendant and it certainly is my favorite but I didn't realise how chunky it is and it constantly turns slides everytime I move! Teach me a lession for being greedy I suppose! :) don't worry heart tag, I will get you one day!

do you have a favorite heart necklace? or maybe hearts are not quite your thing? love to hear what you think!

Wednesday 28 January 2009

creams, beige & a little bit of shabby chic

Colours are fabulous, but sometimes creams and beige can be gorgeous too. I'm loving these interiors from Town and Country Style, the cracked paints on the wall just adds that little bit of shabby chic magic.

What's your opinion on creams & beige?

(images from Town & Country Style)

Tuesday 27 January 2009

Modern Fairytale

What's a modern fairytale for me?
Being in the audience to watch the mind blowing Chanel Paris-Moscou fashion show! Can you imagine what it would be like to watch this live?

these gorgeous fairytale-like outfits also reminds me of the wonderful office of daniela kamiliotis, it would be amazing if I could visit her office in person! I'd happily spend days there.

Stay tuned for new Beauty Tried & Tested posts coming soon to Tuesdays, think I'll name it {Beauty Tuesdays}, simple and gets the message across right? ;)

(images from Chanel, The Selby)

Monday 26 January 2009

{Dear Diary}: My very late New Year Resolution list!

this is my very late New Year Resolution list, my argument is Chinese New Year is like today so if I go by this then my resolution list is actually quite early ;)

This year, all things on my list are things I want to achieve by the end of this year, most should be quite practical too...

{wallpaper image from Benefit Cosmetics}

1. graduate from uni - hoping it would be a 1st Class too! Our graduation ceremony will take place in the famous Bath Abbey, which despite the fact I have lived in Bath for more than 3 years, I have never been inside the Abbey so I'm hopeing it would be a nice surprice!

{Bath Abbey via amigadave}

2. start the Women into Enterprise course - I recently discovered there is this amazing training program running in Bath, helping women to set up their own businesses & it's free for students! The course starts next week so I'm very excited!

3. & 4. I'd love to improve my photography skills, at the moment I just take pictures with a simple click & adjust the lighting using my limited Photoshop skills. Since I might be leaving in Bath this summer, I've decided to explore more of Bath and capture places with my newly improved photography skills! So I am calling on all photographers, I'd love to know how you picked up photography, was it a training course? a book? Any info you can give would be greatly appreciated!

5. well, it's just I'm a bit bored with my current style at the moment, I tend to buy a lot of basics, lots cardigans, all plain coloured. While basics are important, I would like to add a bit of excitment into my wardrobe and mix with my current basics. I'd love to be more edgy & adores the relaxed chic style, I am also really loving this girl's style:

{Woori Go via lookbook}

What does all these mean for this blog? Here are some changes you can expect, hopefully good changes! I kept a diary when I was quite young but somehow grown out of it, so I'd like to start an electronic one, and don't worry I won't share any of my maths related topics! ;)

{wallpaper image via Cath Kidston}

Saturday 24 January 2009

and the winners are...

the book bag: coco
the zip bag & the travel purse: Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle

{wallpaper image from Cath Kidston}

wait there is more...! There were actually 4 more zip bags to give away! I went shopping again yesterday (bad tina!) and bought these since I figured if I'm sharing, I dont have to feel guilty about shopping right? ;)

the lucky ladies are: Courtney, Megan , so alaurable & The Clothes Horse!

Congrulations, please send me your address here my lovelies & I'll send the goodies your way on asap! xxx

(ps. all winners were generated by the random number generator in Excel)

Friday 23 January 2009

Hooked on: more boudoirs in London! {Part II}

as promised yesterday, here's a mini tour to two of my favorite boudiors in London, they're two very different styles as you'll see... it's also my first time linking to Hooked on House, a great site for those (me included) hooked on house! Check out what other great bloggers are hooked on today here.

First up is the wonderful, packed with full of antiques and vintage items, I call it the Union Jack House! gorgeous as any other french boudoir but make no mistake, this is clearly a British boudoir, I think the union jacks make it quite clear dont you? ;)

all the artworks are just beautiful!

is it too greedy to want this house and all the owner's stunning dresses?

and could I take the china cardboard too?

My other favorite is the "Winter Palace", pure white walls, furniture and floors! I have a huge thing for white rooms and they might not be practical to live in, but they're so pretty! I'd love to see this house in person!

how great is this? there is even a little boudoir in the kitchen!

I just want to take the whole set of furniture! and Happy Friday everyone, have a fab weekend!

Don't forget it's the last day to enter the Giveaway!

via desire to inspire

(images from the amazing site Airspaces)

Thursday 22 January 2009

french boudoirs in... London! {Part I}

a collection of gorgeous rooms from some of the most beautiful houses in London, found on Airspaces (a very cool site!), in part ii tomorrow I will be taking you for a short tour around two of my favorite houses!

loving the shabby chic look!

I so want that beautiful chair, in colour of the year too!

Isn't this just the perfect rooms for a grown up princess? ;)

via desire to inspire

(images from Airspaces)

Friday 16 January 2009

White and Gold

or should it be silver & gold? Anyway, they're both my favorite colour combinations, I find myself always drawn to white & gold ceramics, beddings, jewellery...

love the handmade quality in these beautiful jewellery by eRosas, and her photography is pretty great too, these images of silver & gold against charcoal are simply stunning. I love the simplicity of the top left necklace, which one is your favorite?

On another note, all exams have finished today, thanks for all the good luck wishes, it really worked! In celebration of this & other things, there will be a great giveaway (hint: something pretty I bought in town just 2hrs ago!), so make sure you come back to check it out later!

via Another Shade of Grey (images from eRosas)

Should I get a ...

... hat?

I wish the end of this sentence was more interesting like a cat or dog which I'd love one or five ;) but until I get my own place it remains a dream! Back to hats, this morning was so cold I layered on 2 jumpers + a t-shirt and was still freezing! Hats seems such a good ideas right now, especially after see this gorgeous picture on the Ruth Cross website

the truth is I've never worn hats (apart from the winter of 2001 when I bought a hat in Disneyland Paris as it was so cold and I didn't pack many warm clothing for the holiday, the hat had Mickey on of course!). I'm just not sure how to wear a hat, since I wear glasses I always thought wearing a hat as well just looks like it's too much going on around the head ;)

I couldn't find too many styles on the net either...

1. Accessorize 2. & 4. Topshop 3. Warehouse

these lovely ladies from Urban Outfitters make it look so easy, or is it actually really easy and it's just me who doesn't get how to wear them? I'd love to hear what you think about hats and how do you wear yours? Any tip is most welcome!

Oh, and happy weekend! I almost forgot it's Friday!

(ps: posting will go back to normal later next week since I only have one exam left on Tuesday! YAY!)

(images: sources as stated & linked above)

Monday 12 January 2009

Palace Home

I just finished one exam so am feeling a little relieved, but not too relieved since more exams on Wed & Fri! Anyway, I though I'd share with you some gorgeous picture of this palace like home designed by Steve Leung Designers. I don't know about you but sometimes isn't it nice to just browse through amzing things that you don't think you can ever afford? but looking isn't hurting anyone is it ;)

love the high ceiling!

This bedroom is so beautiful, I thought it must be the master bedroom at first, then...

I saw this room, which isn't as pretty but wait till you walk to the end!

Master bedroom's mini spa or maybe this is just the spa room, any ideas?

As gorgeous as this house is, I don't think I'll ever live in something like this even if I won the lottery, or would I? ;) Ok, day dreaming end here, back to maths revision, can someone remind me why I chose to do a maths degree? no? me either somedays...

(images from Steve Leung Designers)

Friday 9 January 2009

Where I really want to be right now is

Beijing. Chinese New Year is two weeks away and I'd love to soak in all the festive mood to remind me of so many great childmood memories. Then again I wish that every year, what is so different this year is that there is this Dior exhibition at the UCCA. Christian Dior recently commissioned a set of top Chinese artists to work with some of their archive pieces, the artists were asked to basically artistically express Dior.

a recreation of the Dior atelier in white porcelain by the ceramicist Liu Jianhua

Li Songsong’s 23-feet high Lady Dior Bag is made out of carefully interlaced fluorescent tubes - so want to see this in person!

These photos by Quentin Shih are so stunning, the series is named "The Stranger in The Glass Box", you can see more photos here.

The ticket price? 15 yuan, that's about $2 or £1.50!!! So envy of those currently in Beijing & currently walking around the exhibition now!

PS: currently experimenting with blog layouts at the moment, I'm trying to see if I can post bigger images. Anyway, yesterday's playing around was a huge disaster, somehow I managed to mess up my blog header image so can no longer display one (the current one is set as background) & also LOST ALL MY BLOG LINK LISTS! I had to rejog my memory pretty hard to recreate one but since it was 2am in the morning, I probably left someone out, so please let me know if you were on the link list so I could add you again, apologies!

(images from Dior, & quentinphotography)

Tuesday 6 January 2009

beautiful jewellery with heart

I first came across Pippa Small's jewellery a few weeks ago through Vogue UK, was amazed by the beauty of her work as well as the stories behind them. I saved a few pictures to share but somehow never got around to posting them... perphas it was the excitement of Christmas being so close? or I could just blame it on my bad memory ;) Anyway I was reminded how much I loved her work while reading a post by Blair at the gorgeous blog Delight by Design on her rings.

So here I am, digging out the images I saved! I love how natural her jewellery are and their raw quality, they remind me of what kings and queens used to wear back some hundred odd years ago!

Pippa Small is inspired by different cultures around the world and has a degree in anthropology.

All her jewellery are hand made and unique. Each piece is individually crafted.
and the best part? Pippa Small works on many projects, from ethical trade to working with local craftsman to creat a collection, creating projects that generates income for the community and Encourage the younger generations to learn the old techniques .

They may not come cheap but the quality ensures every piece is an investment!

My favorite piece is probably this gorgeous 18 karat gold lolite earrings, I have a thing for lilac gem stones and these would look stunning under the light!
Do you have a favorite precious stone or gem stone colour?

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