Saturday 27 September 2008

Bone Inlay Furniture

I am in love with the Bone Inlay range at the UK based company Graham and Green. I first saw these beautiful furniture at Absolutely Beautiful Things, as Anna's gorgeous shop Black & Spiro is a little too far for those of us in the UK, I was so happy to find something similar in London!

Check out the rest of the range (cupboard, table, chair, stool etc.) at Graham & Green's online website.

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Friday 26 September 2008

Adopt a cute little bird

Came across these adorable bird illustrations at the Etsy shop - little doodles. They are the cutest birds I have seen, all fluffy and fat! The prints all have a warm feeling as well, due to the coloured background maybe?

Also, check out the talented illustrator Kate Wilson's blog here.

(images from littledoodles)

Vintage Friday: Paul and Joe Beaute

If you think of a brand that does vintage makeup and skincare, what's the first name that comes into your head? Benefit maybe? I do love Benifit products, especially some of their product names. But today I am going to talk about another brand, perhaps more well know for their fashion collection - Paul & Joe, their beauty collection Paul & Joe Beaute is a dream, I absolutely adore their products, not only are they effective and are of a good quality, their packaging is just simply beautiful. My favorite is the loose power complete with power puff!

Also, check out their new 08 Autumn limited edition collection, I want Lipstick No3!

(images from Paul & Joe Beaute)

Thursday 25 September 2008

Robert Ryan

After discovering the fun tiles at Robert Ryan's Etsy shop (see the previous post), I've decided to have a nose at the creator behind it and it turned out he's multi talented and produce some of the most beautiful paper cuts I have ever seen!

and he does screen prints in the same paper cut style too! Remeber that I am obsessed about prints? The only problem is because he's quite famous (created work for Paul Smith, Vogue ... & being shortlisted for best new shop in Elle Deorations' 2008 British Design Awards), his prints are quite pricy, although if I would afford I would definite bag one or two or until the money is out! Also, check out his blog and Etsy shop.

(image from

Fun Tiles

Came across this great little Etsy shop - Misterrob that sells these really fun and beautiful tiles that are like artwork.

(images from misterrob)

Wednesday 24 September 2008

Copper Shades

I am loving these copper lampshades at Tome Dixon. They're modern, unique and just looks so cool! It would look great as a focal point at the entrance of a house or the living room or the study or ... the list is endless for something so stylish.

(image from Tom

Tuesday 23 September 2008

Julia Pott

Julia Pott is an illustrator and an animator based in London, UK. I love her work, especially her humanlike animal illustrations. See more of her wonderful work at her blog or her Etsy shop.

She has also done two designs for To Dry For tea towels (see previous post), can't wait to see those in the online shop!

(all images are illustrations by Julia Pott)

Colourful Rugs

I love this 'Puzzle Rug' designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby for The Rug Company, it's colourful, modern and fun. I am not the only fan either, Elle Decoration has put it on the 2008 Best British Design shortlist.
while I am talking about colourful rugs, here are two other of my favorites from The Rug Compnay, designed by two of the biggest British fashion icons Paul Smith and Vivienne Westwood. Both rugs represents the iconic designs of the two designers so perfectly.

(images from

Monday 22 September 2008

For The Love of Prints

For me, the best media of showcasing my favorite design/illustration/painting/photography is prints, it might be a little odd fashioned but I prefer my walls to be plain to bring in more light (so sorry wallpapers) and I prefer the fabric on my furniture to be plain too, but at the same time I love patterns and colours. Quite a contradiction isn't it, so prints are my saviors! Plus, not all designs are available as wallpaper, bedding etc, but you can pretty much always get them as a print!

And I always get excited when I discover a new spot to buy lovely prints! These are some of my favorites from

1. Airport 2. Flamboyant Forrest 3. Falling in Love Poster 4. Public Bath

and I love this one by Present&Correct,

(images from Design Supremo)

Petar Crnokrak - Art & Politics

Peter Crnokrak is a graphics designer currently based in London UK and the founder of The Luxury of Protest. I love the way he uses lots of information/data on his prints and many of which is linked with politics.

Like this print "A_B_ peace & terror etc.", is a geopolitical survey of the 192 member states of the United Nations with regard to the quantitative degree to which each contributes to peace and terror in the world. It is available exclusively to Design Supremo.

This print is my personal favorite, it is formed using the information of the 85+ recorded covers of Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" and is mapped in relation to the original recordings by the band. You can also read an interview with Peter Crnokrak at Aisle One here.

(images from

Shop Spotlight: Egg Press

The Egg Press studio is based in Oregon, US, where they make lovely letterpress products. The most famous being their hand-made letterpress and offset cards.

Check out their complete product range here.

Sunday 21 September 2008

To Dry For

Came across this great little online store To Dry For, they stock some of the most interesting tea towels I have seen. In fact, I love the design so much I am tempted to frame the tea towels on my wall instead!

view all the items at To Dry For here.

(all images from

Cute Apple Tops

Saw a turquoise top with cute apple prints in Topshop yesterday, it turned out to be the A/W collection by Kate Moss for Topshop. I checked it out online and there were two more tops made from the same print design. The white with red apples cardigan reminds me of the 50s.

(images from

Friday 19 September 2008

J.K. Place - Capri

Continuing from the previous post, J.K. Place - Firenze's sister hotel in Capri is just as elegant and beautiful, it also has the amazing seaviews as its advantage. The result is reflected in its prices, starting from 500 euros per night! So for those of us who can't afford to stay there, here's some pictures to keep the dream going...

for more pictures see

(images from

J.K. Place - Firenze

Saw this gorgeous hotel while browsing on Trip Advisor this morning (just one of the random things I like to do, planning for the next holiday which is 9 months away!) The interior is elegantly decorated with a mixture of modern and classical pieces. I love the way it uses lots of framed prints of classical drawings. Here are some pictures to feast your eyes:

For more pictures see
The rates of the rooms are not cheap but it would be a great hotel for honeymoons!

(images from

Vintage Friday: Kareem Rizk

I decided to start a weekly post on anything that is vintage or has a vintage style.

Why Fridays? Because Friday evenings are my favorite evenings of the week, it's better Sunday evening when I know Monday is just around the corner and it's certainly better than all the other weekday evenings. Friday evenings are the start of the weekends!

(although if one day I ditch my day job for good and just concentrate on the design side, this theory would not stay as I would love everyday just as much!)

Ok, back to today's topic: Kareem Rizk is a collage artist based in Melbourne. I love his work, it's like vintage with a edge.

His prints are available to buy from and

Artist Spotlight: Mandy Sutcliffe

Mandy Sutcliffe is an illustrator based in London and the creator behind Belle and Boo. Mandy uses soft pastel colours to illustrates children's innocence perfectly. More details on her blog.

(images from

Thursday 18 September 2008

Artist Spotlight: Jamie Atherton

Jamie Atherton is an illustrator and designer based in London. He is also one-half of the stationery design group Atherton Lin. I discovered his work while looking for calendars on Etsy! (see post below) you can find more of his illustrations here on Atherton Lin's website.

this beautifully illustrated card is avaible from Little Otsu & for more info on Atherton Lin see their Etsy shop.


I saw these dreamy photos via Elle Decoration SA yesterday and just feel the need to share the pictures as they are just stunning. The photographer behind it is Daron Chatz, most of his pictures are good but just don't seem that unique to me but these two photos just blown me away.


I have recently discovered Etsy and I am hooked! I have since spend at least a couple of hours everyday browsing through its various shops. This morning I came across this great little shop - Bombus. The designer behind it, Amelia uses old stamps, magazines, maps etc. to create some fantastic stationery and other homeware, what a great way of 'recycling'! Here are some of my favorite pieces:

For more products, check out their online shop or their website.

Wednesday 17 September 2008

Artist Spotlight: labokoff

Just spotted this amazing photographer/artist based in France. Her photo prints can be bought at her Etsy shop or at Poppytalk Handmade. She also has a blog here.

My Favorites are:

View more beautiful photos at her blog or her shop.

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