Tuesday 30 December 2008

Look of the moment

cont. on from look of the week!
Loving this combination of rock chic leather jacket, bright coloured dress, skinny belt, two toned tie up heels and if I'm right, a black Hermès Birkin.

elle uk streetstyle

The look recreated: 1. Tracy Reese dress 2.Topshop Long Sleeve 3. Oasis Fur collar coat 4. Aldo shoes 5. Fendi Large leather tote ( on sale! much cheaper than the Birkin at least!) 6. Urban Outfitters Patent Belt

The same look but adjusted for the evening: 1. Topshop Leather Swing Jacket 2. Vanessa Bruno Athé dress 3. Alexis Bittar earrings 4. French Connection Sequin Belt to sparkle up the outfit! 5. Chloé leather clutch 6. Dune black patent boots

How about this rock chic look for the New Year's Eve party?

Since I've got some exams to do in 2 weeks - lots of revising to do :( , I won't be posting as frequent as before, it'll probably be every other day :)

Monday 29 December 2008

All these beautiful dresses

are on sale! Can you believe it? I'm so excited about the sales this year, January is the month where my bank balance is at its lowest! So many bargains so little time ;)

I love the delicate embroideries on this gorgeous Marchesa black and white cocktail dress...

and how elegant is this Chloé gown, the yellow silk is so romantic and I can so imagine it on the red carpet!

Also loving this chic dress by Fendi, the silk is so lush and I love the cute bow belt touch!
don't forget this Moschino's strapless cocktail dress, the ruffled bustier and a flash of crimson at the waist is so elegant and adds a dash of colour!

(images from

Monday 22 December 2008

Merry Christmas!

This is probably going to be my last post before Christmas so I just wanted to say a Merry Christmas to everyone! Hope you will all have a wonderful time!

I wish this every year and nothing is changed, I still wish it could snow around Christmas, doesn't look like it's going to happen since today was like 10C!

Also loving these indoor evening wreaths at the moment!

erinlandrews (note the cute puppy on the side!)


I went to the new shopping centre in a nearby city today (Cabot Circus in Bristol), it was a successful and not so sucessful trip. It was a huge success as I have been looking for a new coat for ages and I bought two today! ( used a gift card for one of them so I ended up with two coats while really only paid for one!)

It wasn't so successful in the way of the main point of going shopping today was to buy my boyfriend a present, I bought everyone else's 3 weeks ago and Jeremy so far has no presents, not even a card! Guys are just so hard to buy, especially J has very specific tastes & while DVDs and books are always welcome, he gets all that from his family. So the hunt goes on, wish me luck as I'm heading into town centre tomorrow to keep searching!

What did you buy for your hubby/boyfriend or guys in your family this Christmas? Any ideas are most welcome!

Sunday 21 December 2008

Last Minute Gift Ideas

or more correctly "Things I would LOVE to Find In My Stocking!"
Chloe Eau de Parfum Gift Set - Ok, this might not fit in a stocking but I just LOVE how elegant and retro the bottles are!

Mulberry heart shaped keyrings - it takes me ages everytime to find my keys in my bag so hopefully with a big keyring I would be able to find them more easily! The fact they're so pretty helps too ;)

Gucci heart-shaped coin purse - A lot more afforable than many other Gucci items, aren't they just the sweetest thing?

Lulu Guinness Zig Zag Print Mini Frame Purse - Vintage with a little twist?
Anya Hindmarch Lloyd key pouch - I just LOVE the colour & its simple design!

Realistically what are the changes of me getting these gorgeous items? None, but a girl can dream ;)

Friday 19 December 2008

Vintage Friday: Disco Light!

Well, not really a disco light but this gorgeous Patricia Urquiola Caboche suspension light's look is pure 1970s decadence! Imagine how good your New Year's Party would look with this hanging off your living room ceiling?

Happy Weekend everyone! Christmas is so close now!

(image from Panik Design)

Thursday 18 December 2008

White or Red?

I've always dreamed of a perfect white Christmas like a winter wonderland

but I found these gorgeous images today and I'm rethinking about the always white theme, the reds seems really festive!

What do you think, white or red?

(images Ideal Home)

Wednesday 17 December 2008

This Works!

I love the simple, clean packaging of the beauty brand This Works, with an equally direct message as it's brand name too. I have some of their products on my list to Santa this year and really hope I get one so I could try them out!

and how cute is this little cracker! A perfect stocking filler!

(images from This Works)

Tuesday 16 December 2008

Christmas Traditions

Make sure to pop by Courtney's Under a Paper Moon to read my interview about Christmas traditions!

Can't believe it's so close to Christmas already, I'd like to wish you all an early Merry Christmas!

(gorgeous photos from kopephotography {{Jill-takin a holiday break}} )

Monday 15 December 2008

Christmas Party Sparkles at Topshop

Topshop has launched their Christmas Shop, covering from this festive season's party wear to gift guides.

I love sequins and love December as all the sequins are out for the party season! Here are some of my favorite sparkly party wears: 1.Gothic Embellished Collar 2. Chiffon Beaded Halter Top 3. Sequin Bar Detail Skirt 4. Beaded Leather Clutch Bag 5. Knitted Sequin Sleeve Top 6. Sequin Capelet
What do you normally wear to Christmas parties? something classic like a LBD or some thing sparkly?

Friday 12 December 2008

Vintage Friday: Cute Pillows

I love these cute vintage pillows at Hudson with their pastel colours and the white linen. Vintage Feed bags are cut and reworked to make these unique toss pillows. Don't them look so calm & cosy, perfect for sleeping off a cold!

(images from Hudson Boston)

Thursday 11 December 2008

Blog Love

I was so thrilled to received a blog love from Brooke of Velvet & Linen (it has some of the most amazing interiors & never ending inspirations!) & from Just Fashion.Art.Design (if you love fashion, you have to read this, it has so many stunning fashion trends & photos!).
Now for the hard part, I have to choose 7 blogs to pass on the award to. There are so many blogs I love & give me inspirations on a daily basis, but I have to choose just 7, so here goes:

1. delight by design - it truely does exactly what it says! Blair finds the most amazing (and always so stylish) things which delights me everytime I read it!

2. The City Sage - I can guarantee you will find the most stunning interiors, designs, ideas and not to mention the most yummy receipes here!

3. Under a Paper Moon - Courtney creates these great themed posts each week that always makes me wonder, how do you do it Courtney? how does she manage to find such great things all under one theme! oh, and don't miss the wedding themed wednesday posts either!
4. VT INTERIORS LIBRARY - a fabulous "library" of the most gorgeous interiors, viera also finds so many stunning furniture pieces it's often impossibile to choose a favorite!

5. Oh? - debo takes the most amazing photos that always feels warm as it's places she's been too, I love reading about her witty thoughts & great finds too!

6. Please Sir - what can I say, just a totally amazing blog, I always LOVE everything she finds!
7. coco+kelley - there is something about coco+kelley that is totally glamorous & stylish, cassandra's room & runway style posts are so unique & out of this world!

8.... can't believe that's seven already, there are still so many blogs I read on a daily basis & absolutely LOVE...

oh, and the rules are:
1. The nominated is allowed to put the picture on their blogs.
2. Link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate seven other people and link to them.
4. Leave a message on those people's blog to make them aware that they're nominated.

Found these really cool photos on Flickr that I thought would go quite well with the Blog Love theme:

{ A lifestyle blog }

Based in London art|decor|fashion|travel ♥

hello lovely readers :)


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