Sunday 26 July 2015

Food Stories

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I can't believe its end of July already, where did the time go? 
With more than 6 months of the year gone, how is that New Year Resolution coming along for you? I think I am on good progress, on the travel side I have taken at least a holiday a month, have hosted a few girls get-togethers and more brunch/afternoon tea in the diary, been going to the spa for massages and skin treatments quite regularly and in the last 6 weeks really focused on the exercise side (I recommend Jillian Michaels workouts!) and is noticing a difference in my fitness levels.

So that leaves two things remaining, reading more books, as I have only read 2 so far this year there is definitely lots of catching up to do! Also, eating more healthy which I have been doing at work (that means mostly salads at lunch) but now I want to cook more and using healthy whole foods. The internet is a wonderful place with full of ideas on the healthy eating, whole foods front. I am currently obsessed with a few Berlin based blogs. Food Stories being my favourite with their gorgeous photos (helps with the incentive to cook), clear instructions and wonder recipes. They have many non-sweet recipes up too but I have a major sweet tooth which is reflected in my images choices! 

Enjoy rest of your weekends xxx

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