Monday, 12 January 2009

Palace Home

I just finished one exam so am feeling a little relieved, but not too relieved since more exams on Wed & Fri! Anyway, I though I'd share with you some gorgeous picture of this palace like home designed by Steve Leung Designers. I don't know about you but sometimes isn't it nice to just browse through amzing things that you don't think you can ever afford? but looking isn't hurting anyone is it ;)

love the high ceiling!

This bedroom is so beautiful, I thought it must be the master bedroom at first, then...

I saw this room, which isn't as pretty but wait till you walk to the end!

Master bedroom's mini spa or maybe this is just the spa room, any ideas?

As gorgeous as this house is, I don't think I'll ever live in something like this even if I won the lottery, or would I? ;) Ok, day dreaming end here, back to maths revision, can someone remind me why I chose to do a maths degree? no? me either somedays...

(images from Steve Leung Designers)


Tiina of livingConcept said...

good luck with you maths exam! It's a good choise if you wish to live in a deram house like that... well, let's hope so anyway!

I like you blog a lot!


Courtney said...

Tina, you chose math because you are going to get fabulously rich in finance, "retire" at 35, and then open your own art gallery (wait? was it an art gallery? or store?) :)

That house is beautiful, and I love the grey and white bathroom! But truthfully, I don't actually know if I'd want a house quite so large even if I had the money (am I crazy?) I want a house with ample space, but I still want it to be "small" enough to feel cozy... unless I had a huge family I think living in a huge place (or palace) would seem lonely.

Good luck with the rest of your exams! xo

Local Girl said...

Go do Maths and then a job in the City and that house will be yours bought with a bonus ;) It's an amazing house, I'd love a bedroom that big!

Good Luck with the rest of your exams x

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

thanks courtney, you've painted the future so vividly in front of my eyes i'm getting more motivation to do my revision now! ;)

i agree with you on the house is too big matter, i've spent most of my life living in flats, huge houses might be really weird if there isn't enough family around! i just want a good sized home that is beautifully decorated, not too much to ask is it? ;)

hannah-rose said...

love the high ceilings too! stunning! i've always wanted a loft apartment somewhere fabulous with high high ceilings and lots of real light.

good luck with the maths!

Rachel Follett said...

I sort of like all the light colors. It seems as if it makes the space look larger than it really is.
dwellings and decor

Callie Grayson said...

good luck on your remaining exams!!

every room in that house is huge! loving the whites, greys, silvers and the touch of purples and pinks.

Girly-Girl said...

Amazing! Don't know how my future Bozer dogs will fit into that dream home though.

As for the spa room, I have a feeling it's an indoor pool/spa area because of the pool beds in the right hand corner.

Good luck with your exams!

Anonymous said...

I agree with courtney---that's a perfect plan! when you retire at 35 to your beautiful palace, i'll come help you decorate, okay?

happy studying and break a leg on your next exams!

vicki archer said...

These images are so beautiful. quite sublime. Good luck in the maths - all too hard for me and I so admire that you get it! xv

Velvet and Linen said...

Wow, that's quit a home!
Wishing you much luck on your exams.


Blair Friedeman said...

I work for a non-profit so no hope here of living there:) It is very beautiful but I think i would be so nervous to touch anything and the dogs definitley wouldn't be allowed in. Those bedrooms are looking so appealing right now. Have a good day Tina!

please sir said...

Oh la la that is sure a swanky fab place!

Karin said...

What a gorgeous house... :) Good luck on your exams!

Anonymous said...

Wow these photos are gorgeous...I'm going to have to remember that designer for future reference!
Hope you did well on your first exam-good luck on your others! I am in awe of your math skills, I've certainly been avoiding those classes this year :)

i.d. said...

Congrats on finishing your first exam!

These interiors are breathtaking - they've got a fresh luxurious vibe. I wish I could win the lottery!!!

Finally, thank you so much for your lovely encouraging words - they really made me feel better. You are too sweet! x

paula said...

wow, that palace is amazing. i think that bathroom is as big as my whole house, ha. good luck with all your exams.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your exams!

I really want to move in. This is exactly my style...I just need to figure out how to afford it?! =)

Julia said...

Wow! These images are... I don't know, they remind me of soft butter mints at weddings, all pastely and beautiful!

thehomebound said...

Wow, so glad I found your blog. Love it!

Anonymous said...

I love to fantasize! That's why I buy lotto tickets once in a while...just so I spend the day thinking about my dream house!

Good luck on your exams! :)

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

thanks everyone, it must have been all the good luck you sent my way, I did my supposed to be the hardest exam today and it was ok, much easier than last years! and it's all down to you fabulous people! ;)

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