Wednesday 14 June 2017

{Travel} Kyoto in 3 days

{ all photos by me using iphone}

This was my fourth time in Japan, and second time in Kyoto
I have been lucky to visit Japan in different seasons over the 4 times and honestly
this time of the year (last week of May) has been the best
its not cold like in March or Nov, and just before the humid raining season of Jul/Aug
it was perfect summer weather (19C to 26C)

this time round there was a lot more tourist than 4 years ago, perhaps due to the season
also being the second time in Kyoto, I tried to search for more hidden gems
here are my recommendations

1 & 2 Riverside of Arashiyama, next to the Bamboo Forest,
the riverside walk is very peaceful during early morning
3 Kibune, a train ride away from central Kyoto, where you can dine on bamboo platforms on top of mountain stream, companied by lovely forest shades and sound of water
4 Tofuku-ji, very popular spot for watching beautiful red maple leaves in Autumn, during summer it is a quiet place to enjoy the serene surroundings
5 Honen-in temple, close to Ginkaku but with less than 1/50 of the visitors

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