Tuesday, 6 January 2009

beautiful jewellery with heart

I first came across Pippa Small's jewellery a few weeks ago through Vogue UK, was amazed by the beauty of her work as well as the stories behind them. I saved a few pictures to share but somehow never got around to posting them... perphas it was the excitement of Christmas being so close? or I could just blame it on my bad memory ;) Anyway I was reminded how much I loved her work while reading a post by Blair at the gorgeous blog Delight by Design on her rings.

So here I am, digging out the images I saved! I love how natural her jewellery are and their raw quality, they remind me of what kings and queens used to wear back some hundred odd years ago!

Pippa Small is inspired by different cultures around the world and has a degree in anthropology.

All her jewellery are hand made and unique. Each piece is individually crafted.
and the best part? Pippa Small works on many projects, from ethical trade to working with local craftsman to creat a collection, creating projects that generates income for the community and Encourage the younger generations to learn the old techniques .

They may not come cheap but the quality ensures every piece is an investment!

My favorite piece is probably this gorgeous 18 karat gold lolite earrings, I have a thing for lilac gem stones and these would look stunning under the light!
Do you have a favorite precious stone or gem stone colour?


please sir said...

So pretty - love how they are grouped too!

Blair Friedeman said...

Well, you know that I love them but had to say it again:) So pretty to see all these pieces in one place. I think my favorite stone is turquoise!

i.d. said...

I love how the jewelry is all laid out!

OOoh what color are you going to dye your hair? Can you believe, I've never colored my hair - I'm too tame! This year I hope to change that!

Velvet and Linen said...

That last pair of earrings are stunning.


Michelle Parks McCourt said...

These are ALL gorgeous, what a selection!

Callie Grayson said...

so pretty yet rough and raw. the colours are fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Wow--simply stunning! I love the way she sets her gems. So unique and displays the stones to perfection!

Anonymous said...

Her work is absolutely gorgeous! I love the red violet long earrings!!!

Anonymous said...

These are all so gorgeous! Every piece is simply stunning. So glad you got around to posting about this-I'm going to go browse right now!

Courtney said...

I love the grouping of the collections, and they are absolutely beautiful. It makes it even better to know that she sources local craftsmen for her work!

Rachel Follett said...

Very pretty! Love the way they are displayed.

Anonymous said...

They do look very royal! I love the necklace in the 2nd image

karlene said...

I do like the neutral stones, anything earthy. The jewelry is beautiful, my favorite: the cuff! I love cuffs anyway, and that one is gorgeous! Thank you for visiting my blog!!

a pretty pill said...

beautiful. her designs are so organic and yet still very glamorous. nice find.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm the biggest fan of pippa small. Check out Judy Geib, I think you'd really like her stuff too.

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