Friday, 9 January 2009

Where I really want to be right now is

Beijing. Chinese New Year is two weeks away and I'd love to soak in all the festive mood to remind me of so many great childmood memories. Then again I wish that every year, what is so different this year is that there is this Dior exhibition at the UCCA. Christian Dior recently commissioned a set of top Chinese artists to work with some of their archive pieces, the artists were asked to basically artistically express Dior.

a recreation of the Dior atelier in white porcelain by the ceramicist Liu Jianhua

Li Songsong’s 23-feet high Lady Dior Bag is made out of carefully interlaced fluorescent tubes - so want to see this in person!

These photos by Quentin Shih are so stunning, the series is named "The Stranger in The Glass Box", you can see more photos here.

The ticket price? 15 yuan, that's about $2 or £1.50!!! So envy of those currently in Beijing & currently walking around the exhibition now!

PS: currently experimenting with blog layouts at the moment, I'm trying to see if I can post bigger images. Anyway, yesterday's playing around was a huge disaster, somehow I managed to mess up my blog header image so can no longer display one (the current one is set as background) & also LOST ALL MY BLOG LINK LISTS! I had to rejog my memory pretty hard to recreate one but since it was 2am in the morning, I probably left someone out, so please let me know if you were on the link list so I could add you again, apologies!

(images from Dior, & quentinphotography)


Blair Friedeman said...

oh, tina--so sorry to hear about your layout problems! The dior exhibition sounds amazing.

Unknown said...

That porcelain installation takes my breath away--so gorgeous--and all those dangling gold letters--how beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Wow---very cool indeed! I agree with mary jo that the porcelain is especially exquisite. i've been hearing so much about china's cultural scene in the news lately--it's great to see these images as an example of all the incredible talent they have emerging in that country!

The Butter Flying © said...

The porcelain accumulation is gorgeous, white and gold is always a great mix!

Velvet and Linen said...

I sympathize with your tech problems. I have certainly had my share! Thank you for sharing about the Dior exhibit. Yes, I am jealous of those who get to see it in person.


Anonymous said...

Wow..what an amazing exhibit. Thank you for sharing...I would love to see it in person!!

Couture Carrie said...

Fab photos! Love that huge fluorescent light bag!


Grace. said...

I've seen those box photos before, they're gorgeous, and yes, this months Vogue is a complete contradiction of itself!

I love those dangling letters, they look so beautiful!

Take care

i.d. said...

Oh no, that would've been a huge stress bomb! Hope it all works out - you'll have to teach me how to create bigger pics too!

P.S. That porcelein Dior installation = awesome! xx

s.i. michaels said...

How much would I love to see all of that porcelain in person. Just wow.

karlene said...

that looks like an event you wouldn't want to miss! Some of those exhibits are stunning! Thank you for bringing our attention to them.

Anonymous said...

what a gorgeous exhibit-very lovely photos! Sorry to hear about your woes with the layout switch, it's always been a little tricky for me as well!

Julia said...

I love that first image! It's beautifully Dior :) Well, to me at least!

please sir said...

Looks so fun and exciting - wish I was there too!

Courtney said...

The Dior exhibit looks amazing and I'd love to see it in person too! I am fascinated with the works in porcelain and florescent tubing (I have such a thing for light!)

laissezfaire said...

love the porceline shoes!

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