Monday, 9 February 2009

The BAFTA Awards Red Carpet

Does anyone outside the UK have any idea what a BAFTA is? Well, it's like the UK's Oscar really, and I think BAFTA stands for British Academy of Film and Television Arts. I don't usually watch it on TV, but I do HAVE to find the red carpet picture on the internet the day after!

My favorite three outfits:
Fearne Cotton rocks this outfit! The grey dress underneath is gorgeous, I'm also hoping the coat is not real fur, not as polished as the other outfits but it totally suits her personality!
Laura Bailey in Stella McCartney, I'm loving the peacock feather shaped earrings too!
Emily Mortimer in Yves Saint Laurent, the dress kinda reminds me of Victor & Rolf too, with the bow & tiers.

The colour ladies: Amy Adams in Roland Mouret , Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann in Escada , Karolína Kurková in Escada

Some other outfits I liked: Emma Watson in Alice Temperley , Marisa Tomei in ? (a little undecided about this dress) , Angelina in Armani Privé

Here comes the bad:
Penélope Cruz in Azzedine Alaïa, I normally like what she wears on the red carpet but what's going on with the hair? and the dress is a little ugly in my view. Sorry Penélope!
Tamara Mellon in ?, maybe this is not a good photo of her but the whole look is just a little messy & dare I say tacky?

What do you think of these dresses? Do you have a favorite?

On another note, I was also tagged by the fabulous Diamondcanopy to answer some fun questions!

A) Four places that I go to over and over:
Uni - this semester I have classes every day & most days are 9-5 ( but pretty empty in between)
TopShop - definitely my favorite high street shop, wish they would open a bigger store
The Bodyshop - as I worked there during weekends but I left last week to focus more on uni & my soon starting businss
My local curry restaurant - sorry the name has just gone out of my head!

B) Four people who e-mail me (regularly):
Boyfriend J
Uni friends
Childhood friends in China

C) Four favorite smells:
my mum's home cooking (usually very spicy stir-fry)

D)Four places I would rather be right now:
Canary Islands - parents are going there on vacation & I'm so jealous!
Beijing - coz I miss "home"
Sanya - in the last few years my whole family (grandparents, parents & uncles) have fallen in love with the place and have a combined total of 2 apartments by the beach, 1 in the city & a villa (since property prices back then was really cheap)! My cousin is staying at the apartment in the city (split over 2 floors) by himself right now and I've never been there!
Paris - simple because I love Paris

E) Four people I tag:
The Good Life for Less
The Cherry Blog
Delight by Design

F) Four TV shows I watch:
Gossip Girl
Pushing Daisies
I can only come up with two as I'm a much bigger film(more DVD than cinema really) fan, recently watched Australia (Amazing!), HellboyII, Jumper ...

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agnes said...

i agree on most of your choices there. i really heart Elettra R's outfit, she glows there.

thanks for visiting my blog :)

Rachel said...

Emma Watson is adorable! (But doesn't she always seem to look adorable?)

inkWELL Press said...

Love that yellow on Angelina's dress - she always looks fabulous, though, doesn't she?

Ella Gregory said...

I wasn't that impressed this year, though I guess it was raining and so a lot of people didn't feel like dressing up too much. I like Marisa and Emma's the best I think.

paula said...

how i would love to get all decked out like that. too bad i have no where to go.

kaitlyn said...

added you to my blogroll. =]


Julia said...

I remember the Baftas :) These photos are great! I liked Emily Mortimers outfit--so ruffly and fun!

essence said...

I really love the first!

(Yes, of course! I would love to exchange links!!!. I added you at my links.)



Great tag!! I loved the part about the dresses.

By the way thank you for your lovely comment in my blog.

I love that you live in Bath! xx


Rachel Follett said...

I really like Emily Mortimers dress. So pretty!

Anonymous said...

i love emma watson. her dress is lovely and she's so, so pretty. sure, i'll trade links with you :)

T said...

I had no idea what the BAFTA's were - even though I heard about them everywhere. So thank you for clearing that up. Haha (: I love Emma Watson's dress - it fits her so well.

MizzJ said...

Love Emma and Angelina's dresses the best! Emma is amazing, she is so young and yet more stylish than some of her elders! And the yellow on Angelina's dress just makes it so deliciously edgy.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I adore Angelina'a dress. Nice to see her in something fitted on the red carpet. And, Emma Watson looks charming.

Courtney said...

Emma Watson has turned into such a classy young woman. I keep seeing photos of her in gorgeous gowns. It's so refreshing.

paanie said...

that stella mccartney is lovely. thanks for sharing more about you. i enjoyed reading it!

Holly said...

oh, amy adams looks wonderful!

Gabbi said...

I dream of one day visiting a TopShop :) see it in magazines and online all the time, such cute things and the prices seem so reasonable. Also, Sanya sounds like a dream! I need a vacation... :)

Thank you for the tag!! I don't know how I missed this?

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