Monday, 22 December 2008

Merry Christmas!

This is probably going to be my last post before Christmas so I just wanted to say a Merry Christmas to everyone! Hope you will all have a wonderful time!

I wish this every year and nothing is changed, I still wish it could snow around Christmas, doesn't look like it's going to happen since today was like 10C!

Also loving these indoor evening wreaths at the moment!

erinlandrews (note the cute puppy on the side!)


I went to the new shopping centre in a nearby city today (Cabot Circus in Bristol), it was a successful and not so sucessful trip. It was a huge success as I have been looking for a new coat for ages and I bought two today! ( used a gift card for one of them so I ended up with two coats while really only paid for one!)

It wasn't so successful in the way of the main point of going shopping today was to buy my boyfriend a present, I bought everyone else's 3 weeks ago and Jeremy so far has no presents, not even a card! Guys are just so hard to buy, especially J has very specific tastes & while DVDs and books are always welcome, he gets all that from his family. So the hunt goes on, wish me luck as I'm heading into town centre tomorrow to keep searching!

What did you buy for your hubby/boyfriend or guys in your family this Christmas? Any ideas are most welcome!


Erin Southwell said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog! I would love to spend some time in the UK, so perhaps we need to do a home exchange and you can enjoy the snow! :) I could use some warm weather, it is one degree F here right now. Merry Christmas!

Deb Oh said...

I'm having the very same problem shopping for my boyfriend! Maybe I'll get him (me) a lovely indoor wreath? ;)

Happy Holidays!

Girly-Girl said...

Well the husband bought himself a new car so I figure that's enough from me/us...I might buy some boring hankerchiefs just so he can unwrap something.

Good luck with your search and Merry Christmas.xx

Life İs Wonderful said...

Photos are very beautiful.I wish happy a new year for you.Merry christmas and happy new year :)

Porchlight Interiors said...

Thanks for all your lovely comments throughout the year! Hope you have a fabulous Christmas and look forward to reading your blog in the new year! Tracey & Hayley xx

please sir said...

Oh so pretty - happy holidays!

Velvet and Linen said...

Happy Holidays, Tina!
I'm so glad that we found each other's blogs.
Thank you for sharing your inspiration and for all of
your support!
May you have a Wonderful Holiday an New Year (maybe it will snow by then!)
My little Charlie will be spending the next week in London with his high school marching band. They are marching in a parade on New Year's day.
So, I'll be thinking of all of you "across the pond".


Lizzy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Great photographs! Hope you have a very happy Christmas!

Michelle Parks McCourt said...

Those wreaths with lights are lovely.
Merry Christmas - am so glad I found your blog!!

i.d. said...

Oh, I completely agree - it's so hard to shop for boys! Good luck!

And since I will be out of action for the holidays, have a wonderful warm Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!! xx

amy b.s. said...

the wreaths are lovely and now i feel inspired to find one to hang in my home! as for the husband gift, we are huge pearl jam fans, so i downloaded jeff ament's solo cd off the p.j. site because you can't seem to buy it anywhere else. hopefully he likes it...

Anonymous said...

Love the wreaths! If I could I'd get Sirrus radio for my guy, he loves Howard Stern and could hear him everyday. As it is he's going to get gloves unless I do something great tomorrow!

Callie Grayson said...

Have a Merry Christmas!!
wish I could send some snow your way, it's white and very pretty out but freezing!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous wreaths! Wishing you a very very happy holiday!!

Courtney said...

Tina, I hope you solved your dilemma boys are always so much harder to buy for it seems! These wreaths are beautiful, and I always wish for snowy Christmas too (although I very rarely get them!)

I hope that you had a most wonderful and Merry Christmas! I'm so glad that we've met and become blogging friends this year! xx

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