Monday, 1 December 2008

Cherry Picking

This beautiful cherry watch necklace by Marc Jacobs was what started my obsession with cherry jewellery, they are just so cute and I love the colour red too. Here are some cheaper & handmade alternatives (possible better in a way?) from Etsy:

PoleStar's shop

rachellucie's shop

luxedeluxe's shop

juicyglassjewels's shop

thumble's shop

and I adore these sandals by Stella McCartney , would look great with a red top or handbag!


Blair Friedeman said...

What a fun post! Nice to think about such a summery snack on a wintery day! I love the Marc Jacobs necklace and can see why you would be obsessed.

Courtney said...

They are all so cheerful, and Luxedeluxe's is too cute.

Anonymous said...

LOVE these! I have such a thing for cherries (my favourite fruit!) and these are so cheery!

Of course if you handed me the marc jacobs, I wouldn't say no ;)

i.d. said...

Oh, adorable! These are really cute finds. :)

Lynne said...

Well, I saw that necklace and really liked it - then I saw it was by Luxe Deluxe - that explains it, her stuff is gorgeous!

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