Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Summer in Prague

I was sorting out some of my photos today & came across the ones from my 21st birthday trip to Prague this summer. Everytime I look at the photo, I feel I'm under the gorgeous warm sunshine! Prague was so beautiful as well, it's full of history & I was sure you can count the number of modern buildings in centre Prague.

My photography skills are very average but hopefully you can see the beauty of the city through these photos.

One of the many spectacular churches in Prague, this one is probably my favorite, love the almost all white interiors!
I love seeing wild life in the city & couldn't resist taking this photo of swan mum with baby, just so adorable!

Traditional food


Viera said...

Thank You for the beautiful photos. Its my home country and I miss Prague.

Anonymous said...

Just gorgeous. I've never been but my parents have, and they loved it.

The red roofs are so cheerful to look at! This makes me want to travel so badly...but for now I will just have to live through your photos :)

Anonymous said...

Stunning...I so want to visit someday!

Courtney said...

How beautiful! Prague is on my list of places I'd love to see (oh how long that list seems to be!) and these gorgeous photos only adds to my desire to go.

Thanks for sharing these; it looks like an incredible way to celebrate a 21st birthday!


Oh. Wow. Your images are gorgeous!! I especially appreciate them because that's where my fiance and I are honeymooning!! Your pics make me wish that we were going there TOMORROW!!

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

Hi viera, didn't know you're from the Czech Republic! it's such a gorgeous place, all the people were really friendly too!

Anne, Julia & Courtney - i'm lucky because europe is not that far for me, plus the age of cheap credit somehow also meant cheap flights! the city is full of charm & i love how much history it has too! it was the only summer i've had (a grey summer here in the uk)

welcome An Atlanta Bride! congratulation! you will love it, honeymoon in Prague would be so so romantic! :)

Anonymous said...

Your photos are so vivid and beautiful, I feel as though I was there too!

Thank you for your sweet comment, it really made my day :)

Unknown said...

I have been dying to go to Prague for some time. Thanks for the gorgeous photos--the architecture is so beautiful and the food looks good too! Thanks for stopping by my blog-- I'm glad I found yours!

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