Monday, 24 November 2008

Skin Series Bud Vase

Not only are these little vases cute but they are individually handmade so no two are the same. They look so delicate & would look great on my window sill with some pink roses to brighten up the room in the grim grey days... Available from Manos online.

(images from Manos)


Anonymous said...

Wow! Those are too crazy! I'm imagining all the possibilities...and I love how they show them with iris, my favourite flowers!

I can just see a holiday table setting with these as a centerpiece. Such a cool find!

i.d. said...

Oh that's so pretty! I'd love to put a cluster of those vases on a little side table. :)

Blair Friedeman said...

What a neat idea! I also love that I don't think I could break them as easily as a glass bud vase (I am a total klutz!).

Courtney said...

Those are such a fun find! I love how the vases "give" when pushed on (as shown in the Iris photo!)

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