Monday, 17 November 2008

Ikea trip

It may sound a bit weird to call a visit to Ikea a trip but that's what it's like for me as I LOVE Ikea & always come out with more than I planned to buy. I normally visit ikea once or twice a year, so each visit is still quite exciting. Of course I love other more unique and vintage items more, but ikea is much cheaper, fairly close & looks quite good.

Apart from getting some storage boxes, I was also on a side mission to find these gorgeous vases designed by Jongerius for ikea. "Every vase has a pattern that represents a particular part of the world, and each pattern is also assigned its own ceramic technique. " I think my fav is the white one, although I love the other three as well.

Unfortunately I didn't see these in the shop, so can't share any photos. I must have eaten too many meatballs in the restaurant before going shopping and was therefore feeling a little less sharp than usual ;)
I think the unpainted one with white dots represents Africa & maybe the white one for Asia, pink one for Europe? Do you all think?

(last image from Jongerius )


Courtney said...

A trip to IKEA is always an event! It is exciting and draining at the same time!

I so badly wanted that pink vase when it first showed up in our IKEA (by "our," I mean the one closest to where we live, but it's still a bit of a drive to get there!) yet it was always sold out. I haven't searched for it in recent trips, but your post reminded me how much I like it. Perhaps I should resume that search!

And I think your guesses at what vase represents what part of the world seem pretty likely!

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

Hi courtney, from what you are describing, it sounds like these vases are in high demand! maybe I didn't miss it then, maybe it was out of stock... the more I look at the picture, the more I want them now...

Julie @ Belle Maison said...

i love ikea! it's so easy to get carried away, with the prices being so low - it can be a real danger zone! love your blog :) thank you for commenting on mine!

Unknown said...

Somehow, I've never been inside an ikea. I don't know how I've managed this, I think I need to plan one!

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