Monday, 17 November 2008

Ikea trip

It may sound a bit weird to call a visit to Ikea a trip but that's what it's like for me as I LOVE Ikea & always come out with more than I planned to buy. I normally visit ikea once or twice a year, so each visit is still quite exciting. Of course I love other more unique and vintage items more, but ikea is much cheaper, fairly close & looks quite good.

Apart from getting some storage boxes, I was also on a side mission to find these gorgeous vases designed by Jongerius for ikea. "Every vase has a pattern that represents a particular part of the world, and each pattern is also assigned its own ceramic technique. " I think my fav is the white one, although I love the other three as well.

Unfortunately I didn't see these in the shop, so can't share any photos. I must have eaten too many meatballs in the restaurant before going shopping and was therefore feeling a little less sharp than usual ;)
I think the unpainted one with white dots represents Africa & maybe the white one for Asia, pink one for Europe? Do you all think?

(last image from Jongerius )


Courtney said...

A trip to IKEA is always an event! It is exciting and draining at the same time!

I so badly wanted that pink vase when it first showed up in our IKEA (by "our," I mean the one closest to where we live, but it's still a bit of a drive to get there!) yet it was always sold out. I haven't searched for it in recent trips, but your post reminded me how much I like it. Perhaps I should resume that search!

And I think your guesses at what vase represents what part of the world seem pretty likely!

Tina said...

Hi courtney, from what you are describing, it sounds like these vases are in high demand! maybe I didn't miss it then, maybe it was out of stock... the more I look at the picture, the more I want them now...

Jules said...

i love ikea! it's so easy to get carried away, with the prices being so low - it can be a real danger zone! love your blog :) thank you for commenting on mine!

Lauren K said...

Somehow, I've never been inside an ikea. I don't know how I've managed this, I think I need to plan one!

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