Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Colours of Celine

{ photos by STREETFSN }


Life In Technicolor. said...

hey love! sorry its been ages... law school and graduating are really just whipping my ass. anwyays, i DO LOVE those closeup streetstyle shots, celine's brilliant because its so understated and chic! anyways, my english friends tell me the weather tehre is better than usual these days so i hope thats been great for u! hope u r well

andrea xxxx
Life In Technicolor.

amalie said...

i love celine's bags. and DAMNIT I WANT THAT LAST ONE.

samantha ramage said...

omg those colors are delicious. i need one of those pouches now, or at least that blue nailpolish.

ps. check out my blog giveaway!

Valerie said...

Gorgeous colors! Great pop to any style!

Toni said...


T said...

STUNNING. I also adore the nail polish color in the first photo!

▲Tyna said...

I love the blue one!! amazing clutches.)

pelininstyle said...

So colorful and lively!

Un peu altruiste said...

Love the mustard yellow! my favourite colour of the season!
beautiful! x

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