Friday, 16 January 2009

Should I get a ...

... hat?

I wish the end of this sentence was more interesting like a cat or dog which I'd love one or five ;) but until I get my own place it remains a dream! Back to hats, this morning was so cold I layered on 2 jumpers + a t-shirt and was still freezing! Hats seems such a good ideas right now, especially after see this gorgeous picture on the Ruth Cross website

the truth is I've never worn hats (apart from the winter of 2001 when I bought a hat in Disneyland Paris as it was so cold and I didn't pack many warm clothing for the holiday, the hat had Mickey on of course!). I'm just not sure how to wear a hat, since I wear glasses I always thought wearing a hat as well just looks like it's too much going on around the head ;)

I couldn't find too many styles on the net either...

1. Accessorize 2. & 4. Topshop 3. Warehouse

these lovely ladies from Urban Outfitters make it look so easy, or is it actually really easy and it's just me who doesn't get how to wear them? I'd love to hear what you think about hats and how do you wear yours? Any tip is most welcome!

Oh, and happy weekend! I almost forgot it's Friday!

(ps: posting will go back to normal later next week since I only have one exam left on Tuesday! YAY!)

(images: sources as stated & linked above)


Girly-Girl said...

I say do the hat thing. It's not too busy at all, espcially if you go for one similar to the first image you've posted.

I adore the Topshop black hat. So much so that I'm going to check out if they have them over here.

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

sorry Gwen! when you mentioned the black topshop hat I thought the black...? it turns out I made a mistake on the labelling, the black bow one is actually from warehouse! silly me, hope you find a similar!

Velvet and Linen said...

They are all so cute. I would have a hard time picking just one. I would forever have "hat hair"!

Have a great weekend.


paula said...

i am a huge fan of a good hat. these are all lovely.

Brown Button Trading said...

Nice Hats. only problem is my head has always ben too big (be nice...) to fit into them. even my school hat was too small?!

amy b.s. said...

i agree with doing a hat. i recently started wearing more of them and am happy with look. although, i have to say, my montana friends are not so fashion forward and i do take a lot of ribbing. fashion is worth it though, right?

please sir said...

I'm not much of a hat person, but I wish I was. Love the knits!

Rachel Follett said...

Great collection. I love the knitted looking ones. My grandma used to make beanies and I still wear them. They seem to never go out of style!

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

i say YES...go for it!
I have one very similar to the beanie looking one...I bought from Urban Outfitters and it fits great!

Jen Ramos

'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

Callie Grayson said...

i wear a hat every day in winter here is chicago!
i am loving #3 & #4.
very sweet! I say go for it get 2 hats!!!!

vicki archer said...

Hats and glasses are cute together - once you start wearing a hat you will never look back. Good luck with the exams, xv.

i.d. said...

I suggest something slouchy and gray!

I love hats too...but only on other people. I just can't pull them off. Much more of a headband gal! xx

Anonymous said...

Great picks!! Hats are my favorite things ever!!!! I am a true believer that ANYONE looks good in a smart hat!

Courtney said...

I love hats- only sometimes I lack the self-confidence to pull them off. I will buy hats and then it takes me a while to actually don them in public (rather recently, I added a new hat to my small collection, and it is still sitting with the price tag on it...)

I say go for it though! I think you'd look adorable in a hat- and I don't think it would be too much with glasses at all.

Good luck with your last exam! xx

Anonymous said...

Do the hat! I love fedora's, so chic!

Anonymous said...

Hats are tough---I know what you mean about how they look so easy on everyone else but silly when you try them on! I love the knit berets though---they're floppy and casual and can't be taken too seriously, and they are very versatile too.

Pearl said...

those hats are pretty!

Courtney said...

I am a hat person who adores Urban Outfitters. This post was right up my alley. Thanks!

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