Thursday, 29 January 2009

{I Heart}: silver hearts

When it comes to jewellery, I have two contrasting loves, big fabulous colourful statement jewellery and simple silver necklaces, like a classic silver heart pendant, with it being quite close to Valentine's day, I'm finding myself draw to these simple yet so beautiful jewellery on Etsy:

top row: I&F Designs bottom left: lindesigns bottom right: phoebe's treasure

and while talking about siver hearts, how can I not mention the classic Tiffany hearts:

{all pendants from Tiffany & Co}

I have always loved the Return to Tiffany heart tag but when my boyfriend rang me from the airport last summer asking if I wanted anything from Tiffany's as our 2nd anniversary gift, I suppose I got greedy and though with all the VAT saved, maybe I should ask for the more expensive heart lock?

Don't get me wrong, I love this pendant and it certainly is my favorite but I didn't realise how chunky it is and it constantly turns slides everytime I move! Teach me a lession for being greedy I suppose! :) don't worry heart tag, I will get you one day!

do you have a favorite heart necklace? or maybe hearts are not quite your thing? love to hear what you think!


Blair Friedeman said...

oh, those etsy pieces are quite lovely. I love the simplicity.

Anonymous said...

hearts are my thing! i love all the heart pendants from tiffany's :o)

paula said...

so pretty. i love a good necklace. i have one with a silhouette with my daughters name and bday on it. i have another with my sons initial and another with an owl. those would have to be my favs.

Strawberry Fields said...

so beautiful! i only like one necklace and it was the one i did a photo of in my last post. it has lot of little bells and beads attached to it and it jingles when i shake it! i love its colour and uniqueness! xxx

Daydream Lily said...

oh your a Maths student, me too. :-) yes we are a very rare kind!!!
What area of maths are you majoring in? I'm doing Applied/Stats

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

i can't imagine any girl not wanting some heart jewelry come february 14th :)

trishie said...

The ones from Etsy are so cute! Love one for myself :)

Unknown said...

These are fantastic!! I also just heart that blue box:)

Mary B. said...

How cute are these silver hearts? :) I love your blog! Thank you for your comment, and yes they do all fit in my bag! :)

Callie Grayson said...

fantastic post!
i love anything from tiffany!!!! those sweet little blue boxes my heart speeds up when I see one of them.

notebookdoodles said...

i love hearts! and i have the tiffany heart tag too =) but i have not worn it in years.. i guess i got over them. then again, i do have my eyes on the heart lock.. it's so cute!


i.d. said...

I love Tiffany jewelry, it's just so classic plus you get the cute packaging!

Thank you SO much for your support, I think it's cool how our blogs have grown together - I'll definitely keep you in the loop on how this next adventure of mine goes! xx

Courtney said...

Oh, Tina, I hope you get your heart tag someday! While I have no heart necklaces of which to speak, one of my closest friends always wear her Elsa Peretti Open Heart pendant, and on her it looks incredibly sweet.

Fashion Moment said...

Thank you for your comment darling!
Your blog is such big refreshment,
I added Luphia loves... on FM Red Carpet, welcome!


Nicki's Notebook said...

I love hearts too, but prefer little gold vintage locket styles to Tiffanys. Lovely post! xx

Unknown said...

Thanks for featurin my heart earrings! Spent a few days in Bath last year and loved it! I like your blog and will be marking for future reading!

LL Smith

please sir said...

Ohh love all your heart finds - I'll take the Tiffany please!

Miss | A said...

I can not decide about hearts. I am little bit of a tom boy still so I have a hard time with hearts. BUT with that said love them on other people. :)

breathing in the dreaming world said...

I have a thing for hearts also!
Mulberry has a nice heart keychain.
Love your blog, thanks for stopping by mine.
I'm adding you to my links.

Courtney said...

Ohhhh Tiffany's... I received my open heart pendant {made famous by Bridget Jones} a few years ago and it has rarely left my neck, thus becoming a staple.

I really enjoy those Etsy finds. So sweet.

However, on the 14th {or any other day for that matter} it takes a lot to beat that little-blue-box!

Unknown said...

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